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WeightLoss Treatment

Portion control is possibly one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast and without frustration. Reduce your portions - just eat half of what is on your plate, either at home or in a restaurant and keep the remainder for next time.

Go meatless

Take meat off the menu for a few meals during the week. Substitute with soy proteins or legumes or kidney beans. Even mushrooms like portobello are great burger substitutes. Try veggie burgers and falafel

Spicy food

Spiking your food with spices not only makes them tastier but healthier as well. Furthermore spices like hot peppers have been shown to raise the metabolic rate by almost 50% for a few hours after meals.

Everyday exercise

Take the stairs whenever possible. Park your car furthest from the store. Take a walk to the water cooler once every hour (you'll also get 8 cups of water that way!). Stretch whenever possible - whether standing or sitting. Even standing straight for 5-10 minutes against the wall helps.

Drink water

Drinking adequate water helps to detoxify the body, encourages metabolism and also keeps hunger pangs at bay.

Alternative dinners

Try having cereal & milk for dinner ...or pita & hummus...or fruit & yogurt or a big meatless salad. Anything that is light yet filling.

Herbal Supplements

Try herbal ayurvedic supplements that have no side effects like Ayurslim. It is a totally herbal composition of herbs like Garcinia, Gymnema, Guggul, Haritaki, Medhika - all proven fat burning, cholesterol lowering & glucose metabolizing agents.


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