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Kidney Stones
What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are created when urinary substances such as calcium and uric acid crystallize. They are generally formed in the kidney where urine collects before flowing out. When kidney stones are small, they can pass out undetected in the urine. However if the crystals clump together and form bigger stones, medical attention is needed. Urolithiasis, urinary tract stone disease and nephrolithiasis are other terms used to describe kidney stone formation.

Kidney stones are generally those that are made of calcium in combination with other compounds such as oxalate or phosphate. A struvite or infection stone is that which occurs due to infection in the urinary tract. There are also uric acid stones which are more infrequent and cystine stones caused by excess cystine amino acid that does not dissolve in the urine. These are very rare

What causes kidney stones?
  • In almost 90% of cases, the cause of kidney stones cannot be ascertained. However some of the following factors may contribute to kidney stones
  • Genetic reasons - Kidney stone formation seems to run in families
  • People suffering from gout are predisposed to kidney stones
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Chronic urinary tract infections can cause kidney and urinary stones
  • Drinking less fluids
  • Prolonged bed rest
  • Use of antacids containing calcium can also cause kidney stones
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B6 and Magnesium can cause kidney stones
  • Excessive Vitamin D intake may also lead to kidney stone formation
  • People living in hot climates are also more prone to developing kidney stones due to dehydration and concentration of minerals in urine.
What are the symptoms of kidney stones?
  • Sharp pain that starts in the side and moves toward the groin
  • nausea and vomiting
  • profuse sweating
  • blood in urine
  • fever and chills
  • frequent urge to urinat
  • Painful urination
  • cloudy or foul smelling urine
Natural treatment and prevention of kidney stones
  • Drink plenty of water - Drinking at least 3 quarts of water a day will help in decreasing mineral concentration in urine
  • Reduce consumption of foods high in calcium oxalate such as chocolate, celery, grapes, bell peppers, beans, strawberries, spinach, asparagus, beets and black tea
  • Take daily supplements of Vitamin B6 (at least 10mg) and magnesium
  • Avoid taking antacids
  • Reduce salt consumption to no more than 3 grams per day
  • Avoid Vitamin D supplements
  • Foods such as anchovies, sardines, organ meats and brewer's yeast raise uric acid levels and are best avoided

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